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10 Catholic Wedding Tips

Many couples get engaged during the months of November and December.  Perhaps it’s the “magic” of Christmas and the presence of family and friends that inspires couples to think about their future together.

By January, these same couples begin planning their wedding.  Of course, there are all of the celebratory events like the parties and the reception to plan, the dress, the participants, the rings, and so much more.

What about the Mass?  What about everything that your guests will experience as the REAL part of the wedding occurs?  It’s easy to forget the most important part of a wedding–the beginning of a wonderful future together with your new spouse along with God at the center to help keep a couple together through the happy times, but more importantly through those rough times.

How can a couple keep the focus on God, Faith, and Love at their wedding?  Click BELOW for  


If you and your fiancé are ready to begin planning your wedding contact Deacon Bobby or Father Ron for an appointment!  Happy planning!

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