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Yes, We Have Options!

The beginning of Week 3 of Lent may be the time we begin to hear ourselves saying,

“Oh, I forgot–it’s Friday!  I can’t eat meat today!”   

We all lead busy lives with work, exercise, play…sometimes it’s hard to find something that we can eat on Fridays during Lent.  Or we rush out the door grabbing the first thing we can think of.

As we progress through our Lenten journey we will find an inner joy knowing that we have succeeded in our abstinence efforts throughout Lent!

Remember, almost all churches will also be serving a non-meat meal each Friday after the Stations of the Cross.  If you can make these you will be blessed both spiritually with prayer AND physically with a delicious homemade meal!  

Although we can’t always cook at home or go to fancier seafood restaurants, there is always the option of stopping at a fast-food restaurant.

Here’s a list of places that have fish or seafood options:



Long John Silvers is always the obvious choice for fast, fish and chips!



Who doesn’t love Whataburger?  If it’s Friday, be sure to skip the burger and go for a What-a-Catch Sandwich.


Give the Arby’s Reel Big Filet a try at least one Friday during Lent.  It has good reviews!


The Burger King–Alaskan Fish Sandwich is perfect for any Friday you find yourself really, really hungry!  (I recommend covering your nose to avoid the smell of BBQ burgers grilling!)



Carl’s Jr. offers us the Cod Fish Sandwich or the Fish Taco!


In a hurry?  Just need the basics?  Jack In The Box has a deliciously, basic Fish Sandwich!

If you want to keep it healthy you can always remove the bread and add a salad! 


McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Sandwich is always on their menu and even more basic (as basic as you can get really, but still tasty)


If you feel like Chinese food on Friday, try Panda Express’ Golden Szechuan Fish for a different take on a Friday fish meal.



Popeyes Seafood Mardi Gras!  You can’t go wrong with shrimp AND fish!



Wendys North Pacific Cod Filet looks huge and is another good choice!

Hope this list helps us keep our promise to God to abstain from meats during Lent.  Jesus gave up so much more than this—He gave His life for us.  

You Got This!


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