40 Days of Lent with Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe brings joy, hope and consolation to everyone who draws closer to her. During Lent let’s ask God to help us be more like His mother.
We challenge you to take the following steps each day during Lent.

March 6: Ash Wednesday, ask Our Lady of Guadalupe to guide your Lent
March 7: Fast from judgment, when you don’t understand the inner workings of another’s heart
March 8: Take a few moments of silence in your lunch break
March 9: Pray together with your family before bedtime
March 10: Meditate Our Lady of Guadalupe first apparition to Juan Diego
March 11: Volunteer at any shelter in El Paso and share a hopeful message of Our Lady of Guadalupe
March 12: Attend weekly Mass in a parish that you have never been before
March 13: If you don’t have an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, buy one and put it in your bedroom
March 14: Pray for victims of any type of abuse and ask Our Lady of Guadalupe to bring them grace, comfort and healing
March 15: Attend Eucharistic Adoration
March 16: Ask to Our Lady of Guadalupe for your coworkers and for their families struggles
March 17: Meditate about the life of Mary from the Gospel of Luke
March 18: Make a commitment to fast from insensitive, cruel comments about others
March 19: Make plans with a friend that you have not seen in a while
March 20: Pray the Rosary
March 21: Discern if you can help your parish community with your financial contribution
March 22: Attend Eucharistic Adoration
March 23: Learn about your gifts and talents and ask Our Lady of Guadalupe to guide your service to others.
March 24: Invite a friend to Mass and consider increasing your Sunday collection
March 25: Reflect about your gifts and talents and share them in a parish ministry
March 26: Meditate about Juan Diego’s life of humility and service
March 27: Pray and ask Jesus to help you spread the message of Our Lady of Guadalupe to where is most needed
March 28: Attend the Our Lady of Guadalupe sanctuary in St. Mark’s Church and take a friend
March 29: Attend Eucharistic Adoration
March 30: Pray for your pastor
March 31: Consider increasing your Sunday offering
April 1: Gather a few of your friends and ask them if they are willing to provide breakfast or lunch at any refugee center in El Paso
April 2: Pray for vocations for priesthood and religious life
April 3: Give an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to a person who is in troubled times
April 4: Consider a visit to Mexico City to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica with your family or friends.
April 5: Attend Eucharistic Adoration
April 6: Consider financially contributing to any organization that provides food for the poor.
April 7: Make a special donation in honor of someone you love
April 8: Pray for marriages; in special for couples who are getting married
April 9: Attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation
April 10: Support seminarian education at the Alamo Movie Night for Seminarians
April 11: Consider a financial contribution to the Catholic Ministry Appeal at the Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso
April 12: Attend Eucharistic Adoration
April 13: Go for a walk and pray the rosary
April 14: Happy Holy Week!

For more information about a Stewardship way of life, please contact Karina Sandoval, Stewardship Coordinator at the Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso at 915-872-8412 or at ksandoval@elpasodiocese.org

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