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Finding PEACE

Searching for peace today can be a tough thing to do.  We look for quiet, serene places to visit or we may even travel far distances to find a place that will give us that feeling of calm… Read More

The Liturgical Colors–What Do They Mean?

What do the different colors used by the priest signify? As outlined by the Church, different colors represent different liturgical seasons. Since around the sixth century, the primary liturgical colors have been green, white, purple, red and black.

What Is Our Priest Wearing? – The Chasuble

The CHASUBLE is the outer garment worn over the alb and stole. Over the centuries, various styles of CHASUBLES have emerged. Derived from the Latin word casula meaning

What Is Our Priest Wearing? – The Stole

The STOLE is a long cloth, about four inches wide and of the same color as the chasuble, that is worn around the neck like a scarf.  It is secured at the waist with the cincture. Traditionally, the… Read More

What Is Our Priest Wearing? -The Cincture

The CINCTURE is a long, thick cord with tassels at the ends which secures the alb around the waist.  It may be white or may be the same liturgical color as the other vestments. In the Graeco-Roman world,… Read More

What Is Our Priest Wearing? – The Alb

The ALB is a long, white garment, which flows from shoulders to ankles, and has long sleeves extending to the wrists. The word alb means “white.” The ALB was a common outer garment worn in the Graeco-Roman world… Read More

What Is Our Priest Wearing? The Amice

This week we begin learning about the many items  our Priests wear at every Mass.  Along with each item we will also learn the spiritual purpose of each item worn. The first thing our Priest puts on is… Read More

At The Mass – The Hymnal/Missalette

At the Mass… Singing and praising God through song and prayer makes one feel as if we are in heaven and praying in song alongside the angels. A book that may help us with this is the:

At The Mass – The Sacramentary

At the Mass… We see the Altar Server bring a large book to the Priest, and holds it open while the Priest reads from the book. The book is referred to as the: Sacramentary – it contains:

At The Mass – The Lectionary

At the Mass… Another book seen and used at every Catholic Mass is the: Lectionary – this book contains the scripture readings for the Mass. The Lector reads the first reading, the responsorial, and the second reading from… Read More