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At The Mass – The Book of the Gospel

At the Mass… During the Procession the Priest, Deacon, and the Altar Servers walk into the church. Typically we see the Deacon holding up a large book. This book is the:

At The Mass – The Purificator

At the Mass… There is one more object used by our Priests after the Consecration and Communion is over. This item is referred to as the: Purificator – a white cloth used to

At The Mass – The Pall

At the Mass… Ever wonder what the stiff, white square is that is placed over the Chalice?

At The Mass – The Communion Cup

At the Mass… At Communion the Priest, Deacon, or the Eucharistic Minister brings forth the Body of Christ to the communicants. The object used is referred to as: The Communion Cup – this is

At The Mass – Flagon

At the Mass… At every Mass we have an Offertory. Often families or couples offer to bring forth the “gifts”, including the wine that will be consecrated at Mass. This week we learn about the:

At The Mass – The Ciborium

At the Mass… This week we learn about another beautiful object used by our Priests at every Mass. Have you heard about the: Ciborium (si-BORE-ee-um) – this object is a vessel

At The Mass – The Paten

At the Mass… This month we began learning the names and uses for the objects found on the altar at the Catholic Mass. Last week we learned about the chalice. This week we learn about the Paten (PAT-en)… Read More

At The Mass – The Chalice

At the Mass… When we attend Mass, we learn the prayers, we learn the songs, and we know the typical actions of praise and prayer.   Have you ever taken time to learn about all the objects used… Read More

Yes, We Have Options!

The beginning of Week 3 of Lent may be the time we begin to hear ourselves saying, “Oh, I forgot–it’s Friday!  I can’t eat meat today!”    We all lead busy lives with work, exercise, play…sometimes it’s hard… Read More

Lent – Week One

We are one week into Lent!   Being only the first week, most of us are probably thinking, “Hey, I’ve got this!  No problem!”, right? Okay… So, are you someone who gave up a favorite thing for Lent?… Read More