How Can I Help?

God asks that we all do our part to help.  

One way we can do this is by offering at least 1 hour of our day, week, or month to serve our church.

Serving our beloved church, Holy Family Catholic Church, is an important part of our Catholic life.

We have a number of ways YOU can help.  

Listed below are some of the areas in which Holy Family needs YOUR help!


1.  Altar Server – one hour to help our Priest serve Mass.  Training is provided.

2.  Eucharistic Ministers – this ministry offers help to those in our parish who are unable to attend Mass.  Training is provided

3.  Lectors – share the Sunday readings with the congregation at the Mass time of your choice.  Schedules will be provided

4.  Ushers / Greeters – our ushers and greeters are an important part of every Mass.  They welcome people at the door, assist in seating, and help during the offertory.

5.  Church Care and Maintenance – keeping our church building clean, neat, and operating is critical.  We need 1-2 people who can help us one day per week.

6.  Landscaping – God’s Garden outside of our church is a beautiful place.  If you enjoy working outside, in the garden, or caring for plants please consider becoming a member of God’s Gardening Crew!

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