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Our Pastor and Staff

Father Ronald Eid             

Offers the Maronite Mass at 11:30, and frequently offers our other Masses at Holy Family Catholic Church.  Father Ron is a wonderful inspiration to many.  He can be reached at 330-509-0098


Deacon Bobby Saucedo           

Deacon Bobby is our Parish Life Coordinator and Administrator.  He can always be found assiting Father Ronald and guiding Holy Family’s parisioners spiritually and in other areas!  Deacon Bobby has been a blessing to all who have met him.  He can be reached by calling the Rectory at 915-532-8462


Suzie Brown                                           

You will usually find Suzie busily  taking phone calls, creating bulletins, and much more in the Rectory Office.  She is a valuable resource for all our Parishioners.  If you have a question about anything happening at Holy Family, just call Suzie at 915-532-8462.

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