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Located in Historic Sunset Heights Neighborhood

Holy Family Catholic Church is located in the historic Sunset Heights neighborhood.

Sunset Heights is a historic area in El Paso, Texas; which has existed since the latter part of the 1890s. Many wealthy residents have had their houses and mansions built on this hill.  During the Mexican Revolution, a widely popular Mexican revolutionary leader, Doroteo Arango (as known as Francisco “Pancho” Villa), owned and resided in this area during the 1910s. During the 1910 Mexican Revolution, many Mexicans fled Mexico and settled in Sunset Heights.

 Credit: El Paso Museum of History

History of Holy Family Catholic Church in El Paso, Texas

Holy Family Catholic Church is part of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso, Texas.

The parish was originally founded as a Jesuit Mission in 1916 to care for families seeking refuge from the Mexican Revolution.

Holy Family was the last church built by Rev. Carlos Pinto, S.J..   It continued to serve exiled Mexicans for many decades.

Holy Family was a mission of Sacred Heart Parish until 1933 when Bishop Schuler elevated it to a parish.

In September 1948, Bishop Metzger placed the parish under the administration of diocesan priests, thereby ending 34 years of Jesuit administration.

The altar of the church still holds the original statue of the Holy Family that was located at the altar of El Paso’s first Catholic Church, St. Mary Chapel. cropped-img_2366.jpg